Structuring Networks

On November 24th, 2009, the Ministers of Health present at the South American Health Council Meeting approved, in Guayaquil, Ecuador, through Resolution 07/09, the creation of six Structuring Networks for the health systems within Health-UNASUR. According to this Resolution, the structuring networks should be primarily engaged in articulating effectively and efficiently, and in a sustainable manner, the national capacities for the development of Health Human Resources (HHR) in the region, based on stimulating and strengthening of technical cooperation and the exchange of experiences among member countries.
Participating institutions of Health-UNASUR Structuring Networks are designated by the Ministries of Health of each Member State and should be committed to:
  1. Articulate with institutions and government bodies of other members (counterparties) to ensure convergence of actions aimed at training and strengthening of Health Human Resources in the region;
  2. Promote technical cooperation among peers and other service, educational and research institutions, focusing on the development of Health Human Resources;
  3. Develop and maintain monitoring systems of the workforce and training capacities of Health Human Resources in the region.
UNASUR Structuring Networks include diverse and distinct nature institutions, but all in a strategic position in their countries, in terms of the development of Health Human Resources, along with national health authorities, contributing to strengthen health systems and services. Included in these strategic institutions are the National Institutes of Health, Technical Schools of Health, Public Health Schools, Universities, Training Centers, National Departments of Health Human Resources Development and other similar institutions.
The six Structuring Networks of UNASUR are:
Public Health Schools Network 
Network of National Representatives of International Relations in Health and International Cooperation in Health (REDSSUR-ORIS)
More information on the Structuring Networks can be found at ISAGS website.